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Kids Eat Free – Restaurant Freebies & Discounts

You get home  from work – tired, exhausted and hungry. Your rambunctious kids are home from school – they’re hungry, too. With so many mouths to feed, you don’t have to get down on food bills that inevitably add up & up. Save yourself time and money when you go to a restaurant that lets your kids eat for free if you are dining in. This is a great freebie at many restaurants, normally valid during the evening, weekday hours after 4 or 5pm.

NOTE: It is always wise to call ahead to verify any “kids eat free” discount.

Chevy’s Fresh Mex – Kids eat for $1.00 every Wednesday.

Denny’s – Kids eat free, up to 2 kids per adult from the kids menu (up to $6 value each). Also, get a 20% off coupon when you sign up plus a free meal on your birthday.

Red Robin Restaurants – Free birthday burger and every 10th item free plus $20 off if you eat there 5 times in a little over a month.

IHOP – Kids under 12, 4-10pm all week. Get 1 free kids menu item with each adult entree purchase, plus $5.00 off an online order.


TGI Fridays – Kids under 12, all day Mon and Tuesdays. Buy a dinner entree and your kid gets a free item off the kids menu, drink and side included. – Follow this link and select your state to view your list (complete with contact info).


Swagbucks – Earn Free Gift Cards

This post contains affiliate links, which simply means that if you choose to sign up for this one through our link we get a small payout. Thanks for helping us out!

Step 1: Join Swagbucks (it’s free)

Swagbucks is open to residents of US, CAN, GBR, IR, AUS.

Step 2: Earn Swagbucks

Once you sign up, you’ll be prompted to fill out your profile, which can earn you a quick 50-100 Swagbucks. Alas, this is just the beginning!

Earn by Watching Videos
You can win up to 150 Swagbucks per day just watching videos and news you’d probably be interested in and watch anyway!

Earn Through Search
Swagbucks uses Google and results, so if you’re currently using Google, Swagbucks is just as good and you can earn free stuff like electronics, cash, gift certificates, t-shirts, and movies. And periodically when you search, you’ll get prompts for free Swagbucks by entering a code. Right after I joined and did a search, I earned an extra 50 Swagbucks in no time.

Here’s How to Rack up Swagbucks Search Points:

– Search using only Swagbucks
– Make  Swagbucks your homepage
– Install the Swagbucks Toolbar

Earn Through Referring Friends

If you invite your friends to join Swagbucks, you will earn whatever they earn (up to 1000 Swagbucks). Referring friends to Swagbucks is easy, and you’ll get your own unique referral link that you can use however you want. Since you will have a unique Swagbucks referral link, you can:

– Email: Invite your friends to join
– Twitter:  Tweet about Swagbucks
– Facebook: Do a status update referring to Swagbucks
– Blogvertising: Put Widget or a banner on your blog

Earn by Shopping  Online

You will earn up to 6 Swagbucks for every $1.00 you spend. That might not sound like a lot, but if you’re planning on buying a new computer, clothes, prescriptions, new shoes, office supplies, makeup or want to take a cheap trip to Vegas via Southwest vacations, buy it through Swagbucks!

Just think, if you spend $500 bucks, that’s 3000 Swagbucks. You can get an Gift Card with just 450 Swagbucks!

Some of the stores you can shop at through Swagbucks include: Wal-Mart, Macy’s, dELiA*s, PETCO, iTunes,, TigerDirect, AVON, Office Depot, Staples, DELL,  MacMall, Sports Authority, Hotwire, Southwest Vacations,  and many more.

Earn by Finding Swag Codes

You can follow Free Mania on Twitter & Facebook, & we try to post most Swag Codes as quickly as possible. Most codes are only available for an hour so you have to be fast!

Places Swag Codes are found in :

– Swagbucks Blog
– Swagbucks Newsletter
– Swagbucks Toolbar
– Swagbucks Tweets
– Swagbucks Facebook Page Updates

Other Places to Find Swagbucks:
Twitter Search

Other Ways to Earn Swag Bucks

You can send in your old cell phone or iPod to get anywhere from 50-350 Swagbucks, participate in contests, trivia games, and suggest new polls for the website to earn your way to fabulous cash & prizes.

What are you waiting for? Join Swagbucks and tell us what you win!

Step 3: Redeem  Swagbucks for Prizes

Redeem your SwagBucks for prizes ranging from gift certificates for Amazon, Target and iTunes to televisions, video games, iPods, movie, music and sports collectibles and more!

Signup for Swagbucks Now


7 Mall Freebies, Samples, and Coupons

The only thing better than a day of shopping is a day of freebies! We rounded up 7 of the best mall freebies, coupons and samples, available at your favorite mall stores nationwide!

1. Free Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

When you download the app for your phone, you’ll get a free coupon for Baskin Robbins ice cream – yum!

2. Dollar Tree Value Club

While this one might not be in the main mall, Dollar Tree is definitely in strip malls everywhere. If you love the Dollar Tree, you’ll want to get on this list to learn about other peoples inexpensive craft ideas and $5 recipes, that’ll feed the whole family (or just you, if you’re extra hungry).

3. Free Victoria’s Secret Panty

Join Victoria’s Secret PINK Nation (or download the app!) and you can score a free panty with your purchase! PINK Nation members also get offers, events and other members-only exclusives.

4. BOGO Orange Julius

Here’s another great smoothie freebie! Sign up with the Julius League and you’ll get a BOGO drink coupon for Orange Julius. One for you, one for your favorite shopping buddy!

5. Free Slice of Sbarro Pizza

You know Sbarro is in practically every mall food court, right? When you sign up for the Eclub, get a free XL NY slice of pizza. That almost makes it worth it to go to the mall…

6. 20% off at Aeropostale Coupon

Save big on some new clothes for you or your kids at Aeropostale! Find more mall coupons here.

7. Free Auntie Anne’s Pretzel

Download Auntie Anne’s My Pretzel Perks mobile app and you’ll get a free pretzel after your first purchase, plus you can earn points toward more free pretzels with every dollar you spend!

Which of these mall freebies and deals are you planning to snag? Let us know in the comments!

Cut Your AT&T Mobile Bill in Half or More!

I’ve been researching how to cut my cell phone bill down.

With paying Comcast a negotiated $50 a month for internet and $130-170 a month for my AT&T cell phone, I think paying near $200 or more for access to data where ever I am is insane.

So… I started looking for other options. Since I currently have AT&T, I have to choose another GSM network – otherwise, I’d have to get a new phone too. What’s cool about Cricket is that it runs on the AT&T network, so there isn’t going to be that big of a difference in coverage. From my research, it’ll be a bit slower, but not noticeably. I’ll still be able to stream music and Netflix ‘n chill and whatnot.

And, I can take my number with me.

With Cricket, I can get a data and cell phone plan with unlimited talk and text, plus 8GB of ram for $45 a month (though, you can even get a 3GB contract for $35 a month), if I set up automatic payments (you save 5 bucks a month for doing that).

With my overages and insurance, I’m paying anywhere from $75-120 currently, but the thing is, I never go over 8 GB… just hover around it.

So get this – if I switch, I’ll save around $1,000 a year! That’s a plane ticket to almost anywhere in the world – just for being smart and spending an hour or less thinking through and enacting the logistics of the switch.

Check out the coverage map, if you need reassurance you’ll be connected where you are.

Here are the steps:

1. Do nothing with your AT&T contract and keep paying your bill
2. Check the eligibility of keeping your current phone
3. Choose a contract (I got the $50 one that $45 with discount)
4. Skip extras, you don’t need them
5. On the checkout page, you’ll need the $9.99 SIM card that’s in your cart, plus first months service, which will total $59.99 or $49.99 respectively, if you choose the 3GB plan. Your autopay discount of $5 will show up on the first bill.

As an alternative, but still a much cheaper option to regular AT&T, there’s also GoPhone, another prepaid provider of AT&T, which is $55 a month for 8GB with the discount, but should get you the level of service. This is still way less than the $100 I tend to pay per month for the same level of service. The advantage of GoPhone is that you’ll still get 4G coverage, so won’t see any speed difference as compared to Cricket.

COSTCO – How to Get Free Stuff & Shop Without Membership Card

Here’s the situation. If you love Costco, but don’t want to shell out the money to pay for an annual membership, there are a number of ways around it! And while you’re here, I’ll also show you how to get a free 30 days on Amazon Prime (6 months if you’re a student!).

1. If you use a Costco Cash Card, you’ll never have to pay for a membership

You have to get a family member or a friend to buy you a $50 or $100 (or really of ANY denomination) Costco Cash Card. The Costco Cash Card is exactly what it sounds like – and works just like a gift card. You can also find Costco Cash cards on eBay, but buyer beware.

You can get in the door with just the Cash Card (no need for membership) and you can pay for your goods, as long as you use your pre-loaded card. Once your card runs out, a friend or family member with a membership must reload it. This is especially useful if you only want to buy a few items a month like pizza, beer, wine, or toilet paper at Costco. It’s also great for buying gas, which is oftentimes .10-.15 cents per gallon cheaper than local competitors.

Convenient Cash Card features:

  • A convenient payment option in our warehouses, gas stations, and
  • No expiration date
  • Are rechargeable at any Costco warehouse location, but it can only be recharged by a member
  • Can be purchased in denominations from $25 to $1,000
  • A supply card or gas card for businesses
  • A means to provide students with money for food, gas, or school and dormitory necessities while being able to limit their spending
  • Balance can be accessed on, the warehouse “red kiosk” or by calling the toll-free number on the back of the card

2. You can shop with an existing Costco Member

  • With the first option (a Costco Cash Card), you can shop without another member and buy everything you need as long as you have enough credit on the card
  • If you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a card and just want to pick up a few things, shop with a friend who has a membership and pays cash in a separate transaction from them. Sometimes, they might make you do one transaction and if that’s the case, just separate your goods and get a subtotal so that you can still pay in cash.

3. Shop for alcohol, in pharmacy, or at the optometry department

There are certain items that are mandated by state or federal law that cannot require you to have a membership.

  • Alcohol –You will need to inform a Costco employee that you will only be purchasing alcohol. Typically they will issue you a temporary pass which limits you from purchasing anything other than alcohol. You will need to pay with cash.
  • Pharmacy – The pharmacy does not require a Costco member.
  • Optometrist – Typically, the optometrists are independent, so you don’t need to be a member to see one.

4. Get a member to give you their 2nd card FREE

Regular Costco members are given a two-card membership, which isn’t limited to spouses. You can give the 2nd card to anyone. If your friend or family member already has a membership and hasn’t allocated their 2nd card, ask them for it! If they agree…. here’s what you do.

  • Head to the membership counter with your friend or family member who is an existing member and only has one card on the membership
  • Have your friend or family member request a 2nd card for you
  • Viola! Fill out a form, get your photo taken, and experience Costco membership!

If your friend or family member isn’t excited about just forking the 2nd card over to you, you could always agree to pay half of the membership fee, but remind them that the card they are not using is an untapped resource for someone else!

5. Shop on

You don’t need a membership to shop on anymore, but you will be hit with a 5% surcharge. If you’re buying something over $1,100 – get the membership and try to split the cost with someone for that 2nd card.

Coupon Wisely at Costco

Costco only accepts their own coupons, not manufacturers coupons from newspaper or those printed online, but you can use rebate apps! (see below)

Other Tips

  • You can shop at the Food Court if it’s outside and enjoy really cheap, unhealthy food. But hey, if you were planning on going to a fast food joint, you may as well eat here since it’s much less expensive. If the Food Court is inside, just let the clerk know that you’d like to check out the store without a membership. But make sure you bring cash for the Food Court as that’s all they’ll take!
  • Use the Costco Cash Card to buy gas (it’ll save you a lot over time)!
  • Costco refills ink cartridges for $7.49 (how’s that for savings?!)

Track Dynamic Pricing to Save 20-60% on

I’m about to drop some mind bombs. I’m sure you’re aware that some pricing is dynamic, especially travel. But are you also aware that pricing on Amazon for TVs, electronics, furniture, books, and basically everything uses dynamic pricing?! You’re probably thinking… well, I don’t care about a few cents or a few dollars, but we’re talking significant amounts of money.

What is dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing is just like it sounds… based on real-time supply and demand. You know how Uber has surge pricing? This is no different – except that you can get ahead if you’re armed with the info I’m about to lay down.

What’s the answer to dynamic pricing on Amazon?

Enter Camel Camel Camel (long and odd name, but excellent tool). With this website and app, you can track whatever you intend to buy and when the price goes down significantly, you’ll get an alert.

Shall we also mention that you can look up the price of anything on Amazon, looking at price trending graph for the last few years?!

Now might be a good time to mention that if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you should get it. You can get 30 days free as an individual or 6 months free if you’re a student and/or have an .edu email address.

Ok, back to this crazy pricing scheme that seems like some sort of magical secret. 

Another tool is Invisible Hand, which will track what you’re looking at and search 11,000 different stores for that same item to get you the best price, including coupons. So this is a great tool to use in addition to Camel, Camel, Camel.

So, let’s give you a few examples so that this whole dynamic pricing thing is clear and the advantage of this information is something you’ll want to brag to your friends about.

How to Get the Best Price on Amazon

1. Make sure you have a Prime membership so that you can score free, fast shipping on most items as well as other discounts. If you don’t want to pay for the membership, put a calendar item remind you to cancel 25 days from now.

2. Login to Camel Camel Camel and search for what’s on your wish list or the things you’re thinking of buying, especially the ones that cost $50 or more. Create a list to track.

3. As a backup, get the Invisible Hand chrome extension to make sure that Amazon is the best place to buy it – might be somewhere else way cheaper anyway. Plus, this will be on while you’re shopping online and will suggest less expensive items, including shipping all over the web – plus promo codes and coupons specific to the store you’re shopping in so that you don’t have to hunt all over the web for coupons every time you shop.

4. If you dare, check out the Top Price Drops section on Camel Camel Camel. Though, I found myself yearning for deals and things I don’t need just because they’re a good deal. So, there’s that to be on the look for.

Here’s an example of something I bought recently *an Alexa wifi outlet* for around $40, when I could have gotten it for $21, had I been patient (see below).

There you have it. I taught you everything I currently know about dynamic pricing.

Which items did you find a price difference on? And how big was difference?

Dynamic, eh? Gotta know the rules of the game to play.

Free Wi-Fi at McDonalds & Starbucks

If you love free wifi like I do, you’ll thank the heavens when you see a McDonald’s – especially when you’re lost in an international city with little or no data.

Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s
Location Finder
McDonald’s has more than 11,500 locations worldwide with free Internet access. You need a Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a laptop to access the Internet. This is great if you’re traveling in a foreign country with your iPhone, smartphone, or laptop. You can use the Wi-Fi to make calls, catch up on some work or send an email. There doesn’t seem to be a limit of how long you can use it, either. That’s pretty sweet! Of all the locations I looked up in my small town, 100% of them have free Wi-Fi. I’ve used McDonalds Wi-Fi in Australia where everything was ridiculously expensive and it was difficult to find cyber cafes. Do those even exist anymore? Can you even use that phrase without sounding old?

Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks
Location Finder
At Starbucks, you get free wifi. Get more details and other Starbucks Freebies and Rewards in our previous post.