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Tips for online dating – how to make your profile stand out

Ahhhhhh love, sweet love. Whether you’re looking for love, a relationship or to do some online dating – check out the resources below for websites that are free to communicate and use their mobile apps for iPhone and Android to date on-the-go because we know you lead super busy lives and aren’t near your computer, laptop or iPad often enough to communicate as well as you could.

These are the best free online dating resources according to the number of users and our experience chatting with friends that have used these services.


eHarmony (40 million registered, millions active daily)
Amazing! 4% of newlyweds report having met on eHarmony, so this isn’t for the tame at heart – you’d better be ready to really meet someone. That means that eHarmony has matched one million people to date – that’s no joke. Using our special link above, you can register and communicate free. Although, if you want to initiate communication on your own, you’ll have to join.
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plenty of fish

Plenty of Fish (55 million plus registered)
Plenty of Fish is the star child of free online dating sites – you can do everything on this website 100% free. The crowd tends to be on the slightly older side of 30+, but depending on where you live, this might be the number one dating site. Check it out – never hurts to take a peek.
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OkCupid (6 million members)
If you live in or around the Bay Area in California, then you know that OkCupid is the go-to dating site for single people. If you’re single and don’t have an OkCupid profile, you’re friends will probably disown you. Nah…. not quite that serious, but you get the idea. These people tend to be younger, and meeting people on here is touch and go since it’s free and many people tend to be flakey, but it’s a fun way to meet new people – especially if you’re not looking for anything serious.
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DateHookup (1.3 million members)
While I don’t know too much about Date Hookup or DH for short, I do know what the name implies and also that they have enough members to warrant mentioning. Check them out and if you have a good experience, please comment to let us know.
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Passions Network (2.7 million members)
It’s free to sign up at Passions and when you do, you’ll be able to join up to 240 other dating sites that sync with your individuality with the click of a button. The Passions network itself is free and it links to many others that are also free as well as paid.

Snap Chat
Young people love SnapChat because it allows them to send photos that you can’t save – you just see the shot for a few seconds and then it’s gone. It’s a great way to connect with your friends, lovers or potential lovers. Many people use this service to send suggestive photos, but there are all sorts of uses. Besides, it’s fun!
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Down to meet some strangers face-to-face right this second? Why not skip over all of the profiles, drawn out descriptions and just go straight to interaction – heck you don’t even have to go on a date! Just show up (preferably not in your pajamas) and see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised, but most of the time this is just a fun way to pass some time rather than anything deep or a good way to meet a potential partner.

Pen Pals
This is for email pen pals, not exactly the same thing as getting something in the mail nor is it necessarily dating, but many people use this service to meet new people – especially young people.

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