Donate Blood + Get FREE STUFF (Movies, Food, Etc.)

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Check out the links below for free stuff you can get when you donate your blood!

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While I believe you should donate blood from the good of your heart (and to keep others hearts pumping), below you’ll find some additional incentives.

Free movie tickets in Florida

Sometimes, the Red Cross gives away $5.00 gift cards. Local retailers often offer burgers, beers, movie tickets, or other benefits.

Try a google search for “blood donation free stuff [name of your city]” but remove the brackets. 

FYI, most blood donors can donate approximately every 56 days. You are a renewable resource. In most places, you must be at least 17 years old to donate, but you’re never too old!

Other reasons to donate:

Free wellness check (heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol check because they have to do this anyway)

You might just save someones life, especially if you have a rare blood type!

Donating your blood burns up to 650 calories! You don’t have to run today 🙂 Bonus.