Fast Food Dollar Menu – $1.00 or Less

While I don’t endorse eating fast food in any moral or nutritional fiber of my being, I do realize that eating an inexpensive meal on the go can be a fun and addictive experience, and also one that helps sustain a budget. So this list is just as much for fun as it is to see what you can get for $1 or less. I hope you’ll also appreciate the thoughts on what to get at each respective fast food joint.

1. Taco Bell 

While none of these options look particularly healthy, it’s nice to know you can get cheese in a tortilla in so may different formats for a buck! The Cravings menu has more than half a dozen options including: shredded chicken mini quesadilla, spicy potato soft taco, triple layer nachos, cheesy roll-up, spicy tostada, and a beefy fritos burrito.

What to get at Taco Bell: A $1 triple layer nachos. 

2. Del Taco

Are you noticing a theme? A lot of the same stuff Taco Bell offers, but with the inclusion of some breakfast munchies.

What to get at Del Taco: A $0.79 cent egg & cheese taco. 

3. Burger King

Burger King is taking this whole dollar menu thing up a notch. Why not offer items for $0.80 cents each if you can get people to buy 5 items at a time, mix or match. If you go with a friend, the two of you can easily get 2 burgers, 1 fries, and 2 drinks, and have a meal for each of you for $2.50 each. They cancelled the 5 for 4, but I’m told Wendy’s does a 4 for $4 with over a dozen menu items. Also, right now it’s $0.99 cents for any size coffee – hot or iced! Seems like a good spot to head on a coffee break. There are also rumors of a $0.75 cent soft serve ice cream. Please confirm in comments.

What to get at Burger King: A $0.99 cent large iced coffee

4. Wendy’s

While Wendy’s doesn’t seem to post their prices on their website for some strange reason, I was able to track down that they do in fact have a burger, fries, shake, nuggets, and a few other items on their Everyday Value Menu. I don’t think they do a dollar baked potato anymore, but I sure wish they did!

What to get at Wendy’s: A $0.99 cent chocolate shake.


5. Jack in the Box

Did Did you know that Americans eat 554 million Jack in the Box Tacos per year? No joke. I’m not sure if that should gross me out or astound me! Anyway, they may not be made of real meat or real food for that matter, but you can get 2 for $0.99 cents, which can come in handy in a pinch, especially late at night. To complement and wash the taco down, add a $1.00 side of fries and a $1.00 drink to make it a meal.

What to get at Jack in the Box: Duh, 2 tacos = $0.99 cents.

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