Graze – 4 Varieties of Snacks FREE + $1 Shipping

Graze is a healthy snacks subscription service. Your first box is FREE plus a $1.00 shipping charge, and after that is $11.99 a week for 8 yummy snacks (great for a family). If you just want your free box, sign up and then cancel before the second week (and don’t worry – I checked, canceling is easy) and you’ll get 4 great snacks for just $1.00. You can’t buy snacks cheaper than that in the store! 

To get your free box + $1.00 in shipping:

1. Click “Get Started Now” button (I know it says $11.99, but just click on button and you’ll see that the first box is free.
2. Fill out the form, along with your credit card info.
3. Your free snack box should be delivered within a few days. If you don’t intend to continue the service, cancel your subscription as soon as you get your free box of snacks.



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