4 Free Tea Samples You’ll Love

Who doesn’t love free tea samples and of course, coffee! Get free tea samples, cups of coffee, bags of tea and more when you sign up for these valuable offers.

Ok, let’s get started on your coffee and tea freebies!

1. Tea Club at DAVIDs Tea – Get a Free Cup

Sign up for the tea club, list your preferences, and tell them a few things about yourself and score a free cup of tea the next time you go to DAVIDs tea – they are often in malls and shopping areas, so it should be fairly straightforward to get your free tea.

2. Personalized Message & Gift from Yogi Tea

Don’t you love the tea messages – they are almost as exciting as fortune cookies, but definitely more predictable. Instead of sending yourself a free sample, send a friend 2 bags of free yogi tea with a heartfelt custom message.

3. Starbucks Rewards – Get a Free Drink

Do you have a drinking habit? Hopefully, it’s just a Starbucks habit 😉 When you sign up for Starbucks Rewards (free to sign up), you’ll qualify for a free drink and extras like soy milk and flavoring!

4. Free Coffee & Tea at IKEA

When you join IKEA Family, you’ll get access to free tea and coffee anytime IKEA is open.

More places to get free coffee & tea:

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