Honest Diapers – FREE TRIAL, Just Pay $5.95 Shipping

This is a fantastic offer for moms who want their lil’ ones to have stylish diapers and family friendly wipes, detergents and balms that touch that beautiful baby skin. You can choose which trial you want or do both for the same $5.95 shipping cost. The diapers trial gives you a trial of diapers and wipes in your baby’s size, whereas the essentials trial gets you personal care and home cleaning essentials that are safe and effective.

Get Your Free Honest Diapers – Just $5.95 Shipping! 

With your Free Trial, you will become a member of The Honest Company. 7 days after receiving your trial, you’ll be enrolled into the Honest Company Bundle subscription service, but if you choose not to subscribe, you can cancel the service by calling. If you don’t cancel, you will be billed for monthly diaper shipments.

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