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5 Free Beauty Samples You Can’t Live Without

New season, new look! Snag these free beauty samples to freshen up your beauty routine for Summer!

1. Dove Beauty Samples

Snap up some free samples via a quick, easy form – U.S. only.

2. Amazon Beauty Box

So there are a few stipulations to this one…
1.) You have to be Prime member (if you’re not, get a free account here)
2.) You buy the kit for $11.99 and then they credit your account back $11.99 when you buy health & beauty products on Amazon – making it free!

3. Lancome Samples & Coupons

Request free samples and special offers from Lancome.

4. Sephora Samples

Get 3 free samples every time you buy something in-store or online (anything!) Also, sign up for the beauty rewards program and get a free gift for your birthday.


5. Free Winter Samples

Get samples of products like Schick razors, Eurcerin moisturizer, and Yogi tea.

Biofreeze – Free Sample

Icy Hot, Tiger Balm, Biofreeze… being a gymnast for 15 years made me quite familiar with all of these products; & Biofreeze is my favorite. I like the smell of it (weird, I know…), & more importantly it works very well. This free Biofreeze sample is nice to have on hand the next time you wake up with sore muscles & don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Biofreeze Gel Free Sample