FREE Maybelline Eyeliner – Toluna

Toluna is accepting applicants to for FREE Maybelline Lipliner! Applications for this product will be available starting today and they’ll be giving 450+ away for free until 1/22/2018.

Sign up to try free samples, go to Explore tab > select Test Products > click Test. The application process took less than a minute! Samples are being given away for this freebie between now until they are gone.

  • Canadian residents go here
  • Australian residents go here
  • United Kingdom residents go here
  • United States residents go here

When you join Toluna, you can take surveys and get $1.00 to $5.00 compensation for each survey that’s completed. Another cool thing is that you can test products and thereby get full sized products FREE!

To get paid for your opinion and test new products out, follow these steps:

1.) Join Toluna

2.) Activate your account by email

3.) Take some surveys and see if you’re chosen to try free products.

Free products for you to try (& keep) are released at various times to their target market so be sure to fill out your profile information & do some surveys to stay active for when a free product that you may enjoy is released.

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