Coupon Stacking: 10 Resources to Get Free Stuff

If you’re ready to take your coupon habit to the next level and start saving some serious cash, it’s time to become a coupon stacking pro!

Coupon stacking is when you double up on discounts by using both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. While every store has their own rules, many will allow you to stack coupons, earning you substantial savings or even completely free products!

Here are 10 of the top coupon stacking resources!

Store Coupons

Lots of your favorite stores make it easy to find coupons for all kinds of products. Target offers hundreds of dollars of printable coupons, as well as the coupon app Cartwheel and other money-saving tools.

1. Target Grocery Coupons

You can print any of these coupons or download them to your Cartwheel app on your phone and stack them with other manufacturers coupons.

2. Kroger Store Coupons

With over 500 store coupons that you can stack, there’s a lot to choose from. Plus, you can get a free grocery item every Friday, which is good for redemption for two weeks following your download of the coupon, on that Friday.

3. Whole Foods Coupons

Whole Foods makes it easy to find deals on all the grocery and household products you already stock up on anyway. These coupons tend to be for natural foods products, drinks, dairy, vitamins, and new items.

Manufacturer Coupons

There are lots of great websites to help you find manufacturer coupons for thousands of products.

4. Proctor and Gamble

You can sign up for a kit of samples and coupons, and you’ll save big on things like Pantene, Olay, Venus razors, Tide detergent, and more. These coupons are much like the ones that come in the newspaper. More on that, in a minute.

5. Smartsource

SmartSource offers loads of printable coupons on a variety of grocery products.

6. Savings Star

Saving Star gets you cash back when you shop at your local grocery store. You can redeem cash back deals by linking them to your supermarket and drugstore loyalty cards or by submitting a picture of your receipt. So, by their very nature, these ones are stackable with store and manufacturers coupons.

7. offers printable coupons across lots of categories of products and these are considered the same as manufacturers coupons. Often, there are high value enough coupons on this site that you can use them in combination with an ECB deal at CVS, scoring full size items for free!

8. Ibotta

Ibotta is a great way to save money without even having to look for coupons before you shop! This free app allows you to earn money on products you buy, and you can use it alongside manufacturer and store coupons. Plus, it all happens in the app simply by submitting your purchases: no clipping or printing necessary!

Newspaper Coupons

Newspapers are still a great way to find coupons, but even if you no longer subscribe to a print newspaper, you can still save! Websites like Klip2Save and Sunday Coupon Inserts allow you to buy newspaper coupons in bulk for just a few cents!

9. Klip2Save

This site is great because their are no minimums, you can buy the exact coupon you want, in the amount you want, and they’ll ship them the same day. I recommend searching by type of item you know you’ll buy or sifting through the popular section.

10. Sunday Coupon Excerpts

Obviously, you can buy the Sunday paper or rummage through your local recycle hall, but this might just be easier and cheaper. You can buy the full inserts here.

What are your go-to coupon stacking resources? Tell us in the comments!

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