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Free Wi-Fi at McDonalds & Starbucks

If you love free wifi like I do, you’ll thank the heavens when you see a McDonald’s – especially when you’re lost in an international city with little or no data.

Free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s
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McDonald’s has more than 11,500 locations worldwide with free Internet access. You need a Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a laptop to access the Internet. This is great if you’re traveling in a foreign country with your iPhone, smartphone, or laptop. You can use the Wi-Fi to make calls, catch up on some work or send an email. There doesn’t seem to be a limit of how long you can use it, either. That’s pretty sweet! Of all the locations I looked up in my small town, 100% of them have free Wi-Fi. I’ve used McDonalds Wi-Fi in Australia where everything was ridiculously expensive and it was difficult to find cyber cafes. Do those even exist anymore? Can you even use that phrase without sounding old?

Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks
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At Starbucks, you get free wifi. Get more details and other Starbucks Freebies and Rewards in our previous post.

Ebates – Cash Back When You Shop Online

My Review of Ebates

Editorial note on my personal experience with Ebates… I only shopped twice and already I have $11.85 in cash rewards. The first purchase I made was a credit reporting tool I needed for improving my credit, while the other was a standard purchase for some professional clothing I bought on Woohooo, I earned nearly $12 bucks, just like that. And almost every store online has an Ebates link, which will earn you cash back on your online purchases. Heck, buy stuff online that you’d normally buy at the grocery store or in person, with 6-10% cash back at many stores, it adds up fast! The only gripe I have is how long it can take for your shopping trip to show up on Ebates (up to 3 days sometimes). Since my shopping trip and therefore credits didn’t show up right away after my Macy’s shopping trip, I used their system to send in my receipt and was immediately credited. So, don’t worry about missing your credits. Ebates has you covered.

How to Sign up for Ebates & Get a Bonus $10 Gift Card 

You get cash back at any of 1,200 stores any time you start your shopping trip at And right now they are offering a $10 gift card when you spend $25 through Ebates. It is so easy to get to $25 when online shopping, which means you will earn your $10 gift card quickly!

There are no points to redeem, no forms to mail in, and no fees. Stores pay Ebates a sales commission for sending shoppers their way, and Ebates uses the commission to pay you cash back. All they need is an email address so we can notify you when your cash back has been credited. To date, our members have already earned more than $55,000,000 and you can join them today!

Join Ebates Now (It’s Free!)