Go Green at CVS and Make Money

UPDATE: As of April 2013, this program has been discontinued, but many stores (NOT CVS) will reward you for bringing your own bag with savings on your purchase or a donation to a local cause. 

It is Green Week! CVS has a super deal that will pay you back again and again. This week only, purchase a Green Bag Tag for .99.

Now is the fun part. Show this card every time you make a purchase at CVS and use your CVS card. They will zap your CVS card first, then ask you to “hold on, wait until I scan one of your items first” before they zap your Green Bag Tag.

Every 4th purchase results in a $1.00 ECB printed directly on the bottom of your receipt! I have earned over $5 with my bag already this year.

Now think about how many times you hit multiple CVS stores in one day like I do. Maybe you are hunting for that special Snuggie or you are pigging out on a diaper deal. You can only use your Green Bag Tag ONCE per day. But if you have TWO Green Bag Tags that you can carefully remember which was already used that day, you can double your money more quickly!

You may find your CVS cashier is a bit snotty like mine when I come in without a recyclable bag but I have her zap my Green Bag Tag. She has made me toss all my purchases in a cart without a bag many times. Oh well…just remember to bring your bag in! Or better yet, attach the Green Bag Tag to a recyclable bag.

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