Cut Your AT&T Mobile Bill in Half or More!

I’ve been researching how to cut my cell phone bill down.

With paying Comcast a negotiated $50 a month for internet and $130-170 a month for my AT&T cell phone, I think paying near $200 or more for access to data where ever I am is insane.

So… I started looking for other options. Since I currently have AT&T, I have to choose another GSM network – otherwise, I’d have to get a new phone too. What’s cool about Cricket is that it runs on the AT&T network, so there isn’t going to be that big of a difference in coverage. From my research, it’ll be a bit slower, but not noticeably. I’ll still be able to stream music and Netflix ‘n┬áchill and whatnot.

And, I can take my number with me.

With Cricket, I can get a data and cell phone plan with unlimited talk and text, plus 8GB of ram for $45 a month (though, you can even get a 3GB contract for $35 a month), if I set up automatic payments (you save 5 bucks a month for doing that).

With my overages and insurance, I’m paying anywhere from $75-120 currently, but the thing is, I never go over 8 GB… just hover around it.

So get this – if I switch, I’ll save around $1,000 a year! That’s a plane ticket to almost anywhere in the world – just for being smart and spending an hour or less thinking through and enacting the logistics of the switch.

Check out the coverage map, if you need reassurance you’ll be connected where you are.

Here are the steps:

1. Do nothing with your AT&T contract and keep paying your bill
2. Check the eligibility of keeping your current phone
3. Choose a contract (I got the $50 one that $45 with discount)
4. Skip extras, you don’t need them
5. On the checkout page, you’ll need the $9.99 SIM card that’s in your cart, plus first months service, which will total $59.99 or $49.99 respectively, if you choose the 3GB plan. Your autopay discount of $5 will show up on the first bill.

As an alternative, but still a much cheaper option to regular AT&T, there’s also GoPhone, another prepaid provider of AT&T, which is $55 a month for 8GB with the discount, but should get you the level of service. This is still way less than the $100 I tend to pay per month for the same level of service. The advantage of GoPhone is that you’ll still get 4G coverage, so won’t see any speed difference as compared to Cricket.

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